A deep dive into holographic foil printing

We are a business known for excelling in foiling services. Our goal is to ensure that everyone have a place to go to for first rate work. Using our knowledge of foils, as well as high quality equipment, we work to enhance your items. As part of this we can use an extensive list of foil types. This includes printed, mirror, and brushed products to name a few. We can also offer holographic.

What is holographic foil printing?

The technique is a two-dimensional representation. It is one that creates a three-dimensional effect when light hits it. The look is exceptional, perfect for all kinds of products. It is especially good for packaging, opening new avenues for creativity and distinct appearances.

What we want to do is use this post to explore the future that is in store for holographic packaging decoration. The captivating and original rainbow printing practice can generate a futuristic effect. Also, it represents a chance for to capture the spirit of the time. They can also keep up with the trends of the moment.

Important details

foiling servicesHolographic foil printing supplies us with endless decorative options. This is because it represents an original and new effect that is able to grab attention. The finishing can highlight parts of a design and make them more precious. For example, it is great for anti-counterfeiting seals. Think about passports or credit cards for instance. They normally come with holographic prints because it is hard to imitate or duplicate them.

Within the typographic field, holographic foil printing is carried out hot. It also requires special foils. These materials are a foil in every respect. The more traditional variants begin from a base that is silver. However, others like transparent and gold are also possible. You can also have many other options.

Depending on your requirements, it is possible to customise the foils within specific limits. This will be more costly, but it is worth it for the unique look. Come to us for the best foiling services in the UK.

You make holographic foils in the same way you do metallic ones. However, they include an embossed pattern capable of diffracting the light. It exhibits the colour of the spectrum at various angles.

You need to use a special technique here. It consists of the impression of your foil via a laser. Due to the principle of optical interference, the images can offer an illusion of three-dimensionality. This is despite it only being 2D.

The ideal solution for packaging decoration

Holographic foil printing is the perfect choice for packaging. This is particularly true in the cosmetic industry, especially for labels. The printing technique adds a degree of quality and exclusivity to the packaging and the item. It enhances brand awareness in the bargain.

Additionally, the captivating aesthetic invites people to examine and touch the item. This is particularly true when the foil exhibits a tactile effect. It can have a great impact on engagement and sales.

We fully understand foiling services

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You are sure to have top quality work that exceeds the highest expectations. Not to mention, you won’t need to pay premium prices. Even though our efforts lead to excellent results, they are very affordable. We provide competitive rates with a focus on making the advantages of foiling open to everyone.

With our understanding of how everything works with foiling services, we deliver the best results. So, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.